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zenithal landscape

The increasing amount of devices installed in the street are invisible, there is part of our urban environment. Pictures from Video surveillance and Street-View images provide an aerial view bombard the imaginary, and they are changing the representation of the flat world and the horizontal streets:  the representation of external reality has been decentralized, the device destabilizes the perspective of the observer because they can objectively “observe”. The devices guard (from the sky to the earth), and they are the ones that ultimately legitimize the world. 


Installation that seeks to make visible the high amount of video surveillance devices found on the streets of the cities where we live. The installation consists of two screens programmed to aleatory, show pictures of surveillance cameras from Leipzig. All the pictures of the surveillance cameras were taken just using the service of Google Street View. The installation also is programmed to generate sound synthesis in real-time,  to build a dystopian atmosphere in the room.
TRIP II – Leipzig , Germany 2018

The same concept and audio-visual program was used in zxrx Festival, Leipzig to make and live performance.


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